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July 2014
Dan Christensen - Play of Pigment by Carter Radcliff - Arts & Antiques
"A work of art makes no sense in isolation. To be intelligible it must find a place in the present. And it needs a past. It needs historical context, and that is why we can’t let go of the 1960s. For the ’60s provide context for just about every development in the art of the past half century. As Pop art’s commercial imagery confronted the geometric forms of Minimalism, the latter’s physical assertiveness challenged the noli me tangere “opticality” of color field painting. Disinclined to take up a challenge from a three-dimensional medium, the color field painters preferred to vie with Pop for control of painting’s mainstream." ... View PDF
May 2014
Mary Abbott - Back to Nature by John Dorfman - Arts & Antiques
"WHEN THE EPOCH-MAKING Ninth Street Show, which introduced the New York School to the wider world, was held in the spring of 1951, one notable absence was the work of Mary Abbott. Her striking, powerfully colored abstract paintings would have been right at home in the East Village storefront where galleristcurator Leo Castelli hung works by such artists as Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline, Helen Frankenthaler, and Willem de Kooning, who were all her friends and associates. But Abbott was away from the scene at the time, spending an extended winter in the Caribbean, as was her habit."... View PDF
April 2014
Beatriz Elorza and the Breathing Points of Life
by Oscar Laluyan- ARTE FUSE
"Two years ago, Beatriz Elorza was an artist I casually met on my gallery rounds in Chelsea and I’ve seen the evolution of her work blossom (pardon the pun as this review unfolds). Breathing Color is a departure from the previous logical ordered work of Elorza where her abstract landscape owed the de rigueur reverence to horizon and sky. For this series, she is unencumbered by logic and driven only by instinct that is fueled by emotions to create vivacious color celebrations and floral fields of exquisite beauty. Ultimately, this is the real breathing point of life as it turns a new page for her career and aspects of her personal story as well." Read more
April 2014
by Piri Halasz - From the Mayor's Doorstep
"Dan Christensen: Sprays and Stains is at Spanierman Modern (through April 2). It makes good use of their new space near the Hudson River, with 25 medium- to large-scale paintings on view." Read more
September 2012
Mary Abbott: Quintessential American
By Diane Saxton - Huffington Post
"Pushing humility aside, like Asher Edelman, I think all her paintings must now be celebrated by everyone." Read more
August 2012
Abstract Critical Interview with Frank Bowling [Video]
Robin Greenword interviews Bowling, filmed alongside his poured paintings of the 70s, on display at Tate Britain. Watch video on Vimeo
August 2012
Chroma chameleon: The bright essence of Frank Bowling's paintings floods his London home
by Holly Williams - The Independent

"If you visit Tate Britain, you might find yourself in a single-room exhibition showing a single facet of the artist Frank Bowling's work.... The show is almost an artistic homecoming for the 76-year-old: he lives just around the corner, in the Pimlico flat he has owned since 1984, with his wife, the textile artist Rachel Scott. The Tate has long been an important place for Bowling: "In the early years I rather fancied living in this neighbourhood," he explains. "As a younger artist I used to go in almost every day." Read more
August 2012
The Poured Paintings of Frank Bowling
by Sarah Jost - The Urchin Movement

"In his poured paintings, Bowling suspends enormous canvases such that he can control the pouring of paint layers across them. Utilising a variety of techniques, each poured piece evokes a range of emotions and contains the most beautifully vibrant colours and patterns." Read more
July 2012
Time Out says
by Charlotte Bonham-Carter - Time Out London

"A graduate of the Royal College of Art alongside David Hockney in 1962, British Guyana-born artist Frank Bowling hasn't enjoyed the same level of recognition as some of his peers. But in 2005, he was named the first ever black Royal Academician (itself a damning indictment of persisting hierarchies) and is finally the subject of some decent solo shows here, including a big room at Tate Britain." Read more
Frank Bowling and the politics of abstract painting
by Laura Bennett - The Guardian

"He graduated from art school second only to David Hockney then gave up on the British art scene. Frank Bowling on pigeonholes, prejudice and waiting for that really big show" Read more
June 2012
Thoughts: [Art] Drop, Roll, Slide, Drip... Frank Bowling's Poured Paintings
Extraneous Terrain,
"Currently on show at the Tate Britain are a selection of Frank Bowling’s poured paintings from the mid nineteen-seventies. The exhibition takes us back to an era that represents one of the most radical and exciting times in modernist art, something that Bowling consistently contributed towards in his experimental pursuit of new frontiers of visual indulgence. The paintings used what Bowling referred to as his ‘wet-into-wet’ technique that would look to mix and merge different acrylic paints together into a continuous and effluent flow. " Read more
Mar 2012
An Interview with Frank Bowling

by Courtney J. Martin - Frieze Magazine

"On the occasion of a year- long exhibition at Tate Britain, Frank Bowling talks about the ‘poured paintings’ he began making in the early 1970s, getting advice from Clement Greenberg and the importance of improvisation."
May 2012
by Nick Aldridge - TateShots
"The latest short film from TateShots and producer Nick Aldridge sees the modern and contemporary art series shine a spotlight on Frank Bowling. Having studied alongside the likes of David Hockney and Derek Boshier, the three-and-a-half-minute video touches on the Guyana-born Royal College of Art graduate’s shift from Figuration to Abstraction as he moved from London to New York City. Bowling’s latest exhibition, “Poured Paintings,” is on display at Tate Britain from May 2012 through February of 2013, with additional works also showing as a part of the gallery’s “Migrations: Journeys Into British Art” series."
April 2012
Mar 2012
by Donald Kuspit - ARTFORUM
"Stanley Boxer (1926–2000) has been called a Color Field painter, but
I don' t think that does justice to his works–or at least not to the paintings he made in the 1990s, nineteen of which were on view in this exhibition (along with one canvas from 1960 and one from 1973)."
Feb 2012
by Piri Halasz - From the Mayor's Doorstep
"Nearly twelve years after his death, however (and eighteen after Greenberg’s), Boxer still keeps going strong. His 2009-2010 retrospective, which I wrote about at some length, traveled from Richmond VA to Bridgeport CT and thence to Boca Raton FL, and the current exhibition, “Stanley Boxer” at Spanierman Modern, is a worthy successor to the retrospective (through February 18)."
Jan 2012
by Piri Halasz - From the Mayor's Doorstep
"Sometimes, it seems, all that an artist really needs is the right gallery. So I conclude, anyway, from 'Frank Wimberley,' at Spanierman Modern, a vigorous and not-easily-forgotten exhibition of 19 abstract expressionist paintings, brilliantly organized by Alice Hammond (through January 14)."
Dec 2011
Perle Fine: Still Cool After All These Years
by Jennifer Landes - The East Hampton Star
"The photographs in the Spanierman catalogue say it all. There she is with Hans Hofmann in his Provincetown, Mass., studio, then with Willem de Kooning in Springs, in a photo shoot with Ad Reinhardt, arm in arm with Lee Krasner, or standing confidently with her hand on her hip on an East Hampton beach with some of the greatest artists of the period in a 1962 Hans Namuth photograph."
Aug 2011
Frank Bowling RA OBE Interview
by Stephanie Cotela Tanner -
"With his recent flurry of exhibitions, Frank Bowling is taking London by storm. Having been inducted into the Royal Academy in 2005 and honoured with an OBE three years later, the artist has finally (officially) taken up his long overdue position amongst the upper echelon of the Academy's great British artists."
Journey to the Sublime
by Sam Phillips - RA Magazine (PDF)
Sam Phillips talks to Frank Bowling RA about his new works on paper.
April 2011
Judith Godwin
by Gerard McCarthy - Art in America (PDF)
McCarthy says of the exhibition Judith Godwin, "This compact but nonetheless exhilarating survey covered Judtih Godwin's 60-year career with a selection of 18 oil paintings from the 1950s to the '90s."
Jan 2011
Charlotte Park
by Robert Pincus-Witten - ARTFORUM (PDF)
On the exhibition Charlotte Park, Pincus-Witten writes, "The case of Charlotte Park is exemplary; hers was a major gift all but stifled by a happily embraced domesticity and by the critical bullying of a brutally doctrinaire art world."
Dec 2010
Frank Bowling
by Mona Molarsky - ARTnews (PDF)
"This show was a fitting retrospective for an artist who, slowly but surely, is getting his due."
Teo González
by Kathryn M Davis - ARTnews (PDF)
"González's blues and blacks are other-worldly, something to study, like the starry sky on a summer's night."
Last Chance: Judith Godwin / Taryn Simon / Daniel Buren
by Mark Rifkin - This Week In New York
"While the holiday crowds rush to MoMA to see the outstanding “Abstract Expressionist New York,” which continues through April 25, there are several free shows in the Midtown area that are ending this week and are more than worthy of a bigger audience. The eighteen works that comprise “Judith Godwin: Paintings, 1954-2002,” at Spanierman Modern, are easily deserving of their own room in the expansive MoMA exhibit, alongside canvases by such contemporaries and colleagues of Godwin’s as Franz Kline (whose Greenwich Village brownstone she bought in 1963), Willem de Kooning, Jackson Pollock, and Mark Rothko."
Judith Godwin
by Valerie Gladstone - CityArts
On the exhibition Judith Godwin: Paintings 1954-2002, Gladstone writes, "Judith Godwin has been an Abstract Expressionist since the heyday of the movement, never winning the attention of her more famous colleagues like Jackson Pollock and Franz Kline, but producing exciting canvases that show the strong influence of architecture and dance."
Judith Godwin: Now We're Ready
by Walter Robinson - artnet Magazine
On the exhibition Judith Godwin: Paintings 1954-2002, Robinson writes, "The pictures at Spanierman carry the spirit of the New York School through to the present. They have the muscularity of Kline and Hofmann, as well as the color wingspan of Helen Frankenthaler, the jagged-edged voids of Clyfford Still and the stately architectonics of Robert Motherwell."
Nov 2010
ART IN REVIEW-Charlotte Park
by Roberta Smith - New York Times
On the exhibition Charlotte Park, Smith writes, "It is probably too late for Charlotte Park, now over 90 and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, to witness her ascension into the ranks of widely known Abstract Expressionists. A natural painter and gifted colorist, she is as good as several of the artists — both men and women — in the Museum of Modern Art’s current tribute to the movement, which was drawn almost entirely from its collection."
Charlotte Park at Spanierman: Refreshing, Rich, and Bold
by Jennifer Landes - The East Hampton Star
On the exhibition Charlotte Park, Landes writes, "Spanierman Modern in New York City, which has been showing her work since the mid-aughts, has held several exhibits featuring her work and has helped bring her to the attention of a national audience who has eagerly received it. Its latest installation of her paintings, from the 1950s to the mid 1980s, is richly colored and multifaceted with oils, gouaches, collage, and other artistic expressions. "
Oct 2010
"And on 58th Street"
by Piri Halasz - From the Mayor's Doorstep
On the exhibition Frank Bowling, O.B.E., RA: Paintings 1974-2010, Halasz writes, "The 'map paintings,' with their sociopolitical overtones, are probably Bowling's best-known work, especially in England, but it is the abstract work that he has created since which to me will form the basis of his lasting fame."
Jul 2010
by Roberta Smith - New York Times
In a review of the exhibition Spray!--featuring eleven works spanning four decades of aerosol painting--the noted critic Roberta Smith pays tribute to Dan Christensen.
"Just Paint: The Art and Life of Carol Hunt"
by Rachel Morton - REGIS TODAY: The Magazine of Regis College,
Spring/Summer 2010
"Her canvases are bold. Some are colorful, others austere, but all have a power, an aggressive conviction and confidence. Hunt is mild mannered, selfeffacing with an easy laugh and a relaxed manner. Without a paintbrush in her hand, she seems almost out of place in the context of these large, bold, explosive canvases. But the art bears witness to the dynamism and ambition of this determined woman."
Mar 2010
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