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Carol Hunt



Rachel Morton, "Just Paint: The Art and Life of Carol Hunt" (PDF), Regis Today: The Magazine of Regis College, Spring/Summer 2010.

Her canvases are bold. Some are colorful, others austere, but all have a power, an aggressive conviction and confidence. Hunt is mild mannered, selfeffacing with an easy laugh and a relaxed manner. Without a paintbrush in her hand, she seems almost out of place in the context of these large, bold, explosive canvases. But the art bears witness to the dynamism and ambition of this determined woman.

Helen Harrison, director of the Pollock-Krasner House and former New York Times art critic, has curated several shows that have included Hunt’s work. She describes Hunt’s paintings as “spontaneous but built on a very firm structure, so even though it looks very loose and free, it is very coherent.”

Abstract expressionists like to work big, and Hunt is no exception. Her studio has a 16-foot ceiling to accommodate her large canvases and 12-foot woven wall hangings. And it also has distinct and spacious work areas for drawing, printmaking (she has an etching press), weaving (she uses a Saori Japanese loom), and computer graphics—all art forms in which Hunt regularly works. But it’s the big paintings that dominate the room, and for which Hunt is so well known.

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