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Jasmina Danowski (b. 1960)



The artist held a question & answer session on April 16, 2011 at Spanierman Modern, discussing the paintings of her exhibition Jasmina Danowski: Meridians Ago, on view April 14-May 7, 2011. The event has been segmented into eight short video clips based on the topic of conversation.

1: Introduction

(3:42 minutes)
Danowski talks about Meridians Ago as a series, describes how she begins her paintings, and showcases the types of brushes she uses.

2: The Process

(3:24 minutes)
"How long does it take you to create a painting?"
"Do you know when you're finished?"

3: On the Meridians Ago Series

(3:03 minutes)
“This series seems like a big evolution from the last. Did you find that you were pushing yourself trying to make new kinds of marks?”

4: Influences of Long Island & Maine

(2:53 minutes)
“How long were you in Long Island and Maine?”
“Did you do sketches while you were there or back in your studio?”
“So it’s all memory? You don’t take photographs?”
A focus on Deer Isle, 2010

5: Technique & Mediums

(2:43 minutes)
“You’re working in other mediums now?”

6: More on Process

(2:42 minutes)
“You must have a large studio!”
“What piece are you most pleased with in the series?”

7: Influences of Maine on Color

(3:33 minutes)
“How many pieces do you work on at once? Are the colors quite varied?”
“Which did you paint more or less at the same time?”

8: On Improvisation in Painting & Titles

(2:56 minutes)
“Do you have a process for your titles?”
A focus on “Eating Wisdom Spoonwise,” 2010
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