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Dan Christensen  - Sarajevo 1969
Dan Christensen (1942-2007), Sarajevo, 1969

Acrylic on canvas, 53 x 83 inches

Dan Christensen:
The Early Sprays, 1967-1969

November 15 - January 5, 2013

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Spanierman Modern is pleased to announce the opening on November 15, 2012 of Dan Christensen: The Early Sprays, 1967-1969. This exhibition features the exuberant and groundbreaking paintings Christensen created in the late 1960s using a spray gun. In a time when minimalism threatened to reduce art to concept, Christensenís sprays represented a much-needed revitalization of painting.†Stylistically diverse, these works resulted from a combination of the artistís controlled physical stamina and his delight in a freedom of exploration.†They bring together the fluidity of abstract expressionism with the reflective stance of the color field painter. This is the first exhibition to focus on this body of work within the broad-ranging oeuvre Christensen produced before his death in 2007.

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