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John Little - Akiton
John Little, Akiton
Oil on canvas, 95 x 65 inches

Artists of the East End

Sept. 8 - Oct. 1, 2011

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Spanierman Gallery is pleased to announce the opening on Thursday, September 8, 2011 of Artists of the East End , featuring works created from the mid-twentieth century to the present by artists who have lived and worked on eastern Long Island. The longest intact artists' colony in America, the East End of Long Island has been a gathering place for artists since the mid-nineteenth century. Buoyed by this long history, the area's sustained appeal is due primarily to two factors: its intense beauty, comprising its distinctive brilliant light and a coastal landscape of extreme variety, and its close connection to the avant-garde art and literary circles of New York City. Comfortable among like-minded colleagues, artists have always felt free to experiment on the East End, producing a vast array of works, including many of landmark significance.

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