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TEO GONZÁLEZ - The Sun, ca. 1960

TEO GONZÁLEZ   Untitled #496, 2007
Acrylic polymer emulsion, pigment, acrylic enamel, and alkyd enamel on clay board, 12 x 12 inches (detail)

Teo González

February 7 - March 1, 2008

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"Teo González’s paintings are deceptively simple: they consist of rows of small dots—drops, really—that result in loose grids that cover his panels. The drops are not entirely regular; although they are each rimmed with dark borders that enclose spots of pigment, they vary minutely in shape and size—like eggs or molecules. The overall images are suggestive of many things: the open weave of burlap, for instance or the way the sun shines through the tiny holes in a straw hat. It is only after some study that their grids—so visually evident—reveal themselves as not really there at all, except as negative space between the drops. In fact the paintings seem different every time you look at them.  In them, as in those drawings that trick your eye into seeing alternately a vase and a woman’s profile, sometimes it is the dots that predominate and at other times it is the grid that does so. "

- Carol Diehl


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