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Susan Jamison - We Are Beautiful
Susan Jamison  We Are Beautiful, 2008

For the Curious

New Work by Susan Jamison

April 10 - May 3, 2008

Spanierman Modern is pleased to announce the opening on April 10, 2008 of For the Curious: New Work by Susan Jamison. Painted in egg tempera with tiny brushes on panels, Jamison's precisely rendered images of women and animals follow in the tradition of pre-Renaissance paintings and Old Master portraiture. Yet her female subjects-naked, bald, and anonymous-exist within a world of dream and myth, their outer social trappings of dress, hair, and jewelry, removed to reveal and explore inherent and acquired qualities of femininity and identity. The genetic difference of women, their otherness, is a theme for Jamison, and it is not accidental that snakes, with their references to Eve, appear in several of the works. In many of the paintings, albino and genetically mutant animals, further evoke Jamison's exploration of separation and aberration.

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